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This website features information about PHP development. Find PHP instruction, advice, code examples, tutorials, and answers to many of your PHP questions. PHP is the most popular and widely-used language for web development. Improving your skills as a PHP developer is a better investment now than at any point in the past. In recent years, PHP seems to have emerged as a clear winner amongst server-side scripting languages. Further, PHP is at the core of today's most popular content management systems (like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla), and is compatible with just about any other web scripting technology. Therefore, programmers and webmasters who are adept with PHP coding have a clear advantage in making their sites perform well and deliver unique and advanced features to users.

PHP programming has been one of the fastest-growing computer science specializiations, and is now almost universally acknowledged as THE programming language for developing rich, interactive web sites -- especially dynamic websites powered by MySQL databases. The advent of internet-based distance education and online learning has opened many doors for programmers -- and, indeed, professionals in almost any field -- to continue their education without interrupting busy work schedules or family obligations. Online degree programs are available in programming and computer science, and professionals who need a brief introduction to a new topic can choose from certification programs or even specialty courses without signing up for a full-fledged online degree. There are actually many options for furthering your programming knowledge online. In addition to the usual forums and tutorial websites, developers may just find a gem of knowledge when browsing online libraries and online journal abstracts.